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Fred Grenot | Music Composer & Recording Artist


Fred Grenot is deeply committed to empowering people to be physically, emotionally and spiritually well.  His new album "Respite Music for Healing” is the result of that commitment translated into the beautiful ambient music that Fred has created for this latest project.


In 2014, Fred released the album “S.W.A.N” and "Beyond the Sun" in 2015 while working full time, being married and being a father to his two children.  Reviewers have compared Grenot’s music to Brian Eno or Liquid Mind.  Eight years later, Fred has a very clear sense of who he is as a human and as an artist:


“Since releasing my last album, I have done DEEP work on myself and looked at every part of my spiritual self.  I have taken responsibility for my path and made peace with everything I have done and not done” says Grenot.  The result is music that is filled with beauty, clarity and the kind of simplicity and confidence that only a master would take on in his craft and his self-expression.  It is from this clarity that Fred hopes that listeners discover “healing” and a sonic oasis from which to find peace.


Fellow recording artist and Emmy-Award winning composer Michael Whalen writes: “Fred was kind enough to let me hear ‘Respite' before anyone else. I was just coming out of the hospital and I found this new album a wonderful way to relax and simply breathe as my body was healing and shedding pain after surgery. I know others will love it too...”


Fred Grenot is also a One World Music Radio Show Presenter

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