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Fred Grenot
Music Composer & Recording Artist

I enjoy creating and sharing beautiful, peaceful music for rest, relaxation, deep reflection, and healing.

My latest release is Koto Banjai

I reflect love and light with Koto Banjai. I intone a gentle respectful greeting in honoring all humanity, nature, and universe.


Namaste… Namaste… Om Mani Padme Hum… Banat Ban Jai….

Koto Banjai is the first release that features my singing as well as reciting spoken word, honoring all, united in cosmic consciousness and oneness.  My benevolent vocals blend as a soft, good-natured instrument woven tenderly to the tranquil warmth of a flowing stream, birdsong, koto, flute, harp, strings, and ocarina.

Earlier this year in January 2024 I released Respite Music For Healing.  have done DEEP work on myself and looked at every part of my spiritual self.  I have taken responsibility for my path and made peace with everything I have done and not done.  The result is music that is filled with beauty and clarity and the kind of simplicity that listeners discover “healing” within a sonic oasis from which to find peace.

Many years ago I released a SWAN ~ Spiritual Wisdom Awakens Nature in 2014 and Beyond the Sun in 2015.

Both albums are also very reflective of an inner spiritual awakening, similar to my latest release.


I also host a radio show on One World Music Radio

Impressions ~ sharing beautiful, peaceful music leaving lasting Impressions


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